How To Be A Cop: Degrees Required

The 4-month program is divided into four 3-week phases that includes non-emergency, emergency, patrol and criminal investigation. A learning result is expected from every level based on practical issue demands that recruits should fix. This activity will most likely not only familiarize but boost community relations by way of collaboration and cooperation.

The training does not focus on technical features of law enforcement because this has been provided with much emphasis at the academy level. What exactly it strives to build are powerful communication skills, cultural and racial connections and more socially-relevant problems which will definitely enable soon-to-be police officers to understand the reason for social complications to better solve them.

Because its creation in 2000, the police officer training program has been transformed and revised to match the specific demands of police departments all around the nation. Any sort of new advancement in the area of the law and security are considered to ensure that new recruits are at once familiar with the criminal justice system and how they can best protect the community.

Getting Entry Into The Program

It’s your desire. Or in your blood. Regardless of the purposes for wanting to be a policeman, you first must meet the requirements before getting qualified into the initial level of training. So you like to discover ways to be a cop.

A high school diploma or its GED equivalent used to be enough to become a recruit. However at present, a 2-year college program is desired. Business math, computer applications and behavioral science lessons will do, but if you could sign up for and finish an associate degree in criminal justice, even better. There’s a written and fitness test and oral interview; you’ll at the same time go through a comprehensive criminal background check. Pass these and you’re on your way to the police academy. Learn more about the police training requirements at

That’s 12 to 14 weeks to find out if you’ve got what it takes to take on the responsibility of a police officer. Expect the training at the academy to hone your physical, mental and psychological skills. When you efficiently complete this, you must continue to the police officer training program. These training stages are designed to get you ready to serve and protect the town against crime and lawlessness.

Explore Police Professions

As soon as you are exposed and experience the life of a police officer, you may eventually like to focus on particular aspects of policing like becoming a detective, fish and game warden, or state patrol agent. You might even look towards careers in government law enforcement agencies that will certainly offer you a better salary. But, bear in mind that it will also demand much from you to get there.

Discover more police career options at

There are people very enthusiastic about aiming to be a member of the police force. Dedication is crucial due to the needs of the job. But police officer training is the last phase to produce fresh recruits the well-rounded people the community desires.


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